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10 reasons to hire a Surety Insurance Bond

The word “Caution” means prevention or caution and refers to the guarantee that what is agreed between two or more persons will be carried out as established. For this reason, the Surety Insurance, is an instrument of guarantee by means of which, an insuring company commits itself with the insured, to compensate it for the damages that this may suffer…

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Which court will judge the criminal?

In which cases does the district court decide? The jurisdiction of courts is determined by the object of adjudication, and not by the amount of organizational or intellectual effort that must be put into examining a case before judgment. Determining the properties is the thing of the legislator, not the courts (yes: the decision of the Court of Appeal in…

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Violent crime suspect, witness or victim?

  When you have come into contact with the police with regard to (for example) mistreatment, outright violence, a protest or destruction, a number of matters are legally important. This is of course your position as a suspect, witness or victim and the associated rights and Scaramouche lights. In addition, the (legal) form of what Scaramoucheaats has found is also…

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