What are the advantages of hiring a Loyalty Guarantee Bond?

A Fidelity Bond, has as its main purpose, protect the assets of the companies against possible frauds or losses, derived from unlawful acts committed by one or more employees of the same, whose responsibility is duly verified, guaranteeing the company the repair of the damage patrimonial.

With a Loyalty Guarantee, different types of crime can be protected, among which we can mention: Theft, Abuse of Confidence and Fraud. With this type of Bail Bonds, both the administrative employees of the company, as well as sellers, insurance agents, workers, among others, can be strengthened.

By means of a Loyalty Guarantee, the Employer or Beneficiary is provided with the guarantee that the responsibilities derived from patrimonial crimes committed by any employee, service provider, vendor, commission agent or worker, will be covered and the company’s assets will not be covered. It will be affected.

A company that hires  Loyalty Bonds, to protect their assets and assets, can rest assured that in the event that any member of the organization commits an offense against said assets, the surety company will be in charge of repairing the damage.

Some of the advantages of contracting this type of  deposit  are:

Some of the advantages of contracting this type of  deposit  are:

It helps to prevent fraud or malicious acts by making it more difficult for the fraudster to find an opportunity to do so.

They represent a financial coverage for the company in case of fraud or illegal acts.

They help in the timely detection of possible frauds committed.

By means of preventive sessions, employees are made aware that the company has this protection as an internal protection system, which discourages the person from carrying out any illicit act.

To contract a  Loyalty Guarantee, it must be taken into account that the surety company will request the required documentation from the company, which consists of: Constitutive Act, RFC, Contract, Registration of the Treasury, Official Identification of the Legal Representative, Recent partial financial statements, among other things, with what will start the process, which in most cases is quick and simple.

Protect the assets of your company with a  Loyalty Guarantee. Make the process with us, easily and quickly!

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