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Info on Bail Bond Services

A bond is a contract that is acquired with a surety company and whose purpose is to commit to fulfill an obligation, which may be of diverse nature, such as: ensuring the fulfillment of a contract, leasing a real estate, repairing the damage caused by one or more employees of an organization, among other things.

The Bonds in Mexico are increasingly used by people both physical and Morales, as they provide certainty and confidence that the obligations stipulated in a contract will be fulfilled, although there is a risk that the Nowicki not be fulfilled them.

To contract Bail Bonds in Mexico, it is very important that the person is clear about why and why it is required since there are different types of Bail and each one of them is destined to guarantee a specific good. The prices of the bonds in Mexico vary according to their type and according to the amount that the surety is willing to back of each contract.

The bonds in Mexico are divided into 5 large branches, which include the different types of deposit, these are:

The branch I Fidelity bonds: They protect the assets of the companies and guarantee the repair of the damage that one or more employees may cause against the patrimonial assets of the organization.

Branch II Judicial Bonds: They guarantee the fulfillment of the obligations or responsibilities resulting from a judicial process, whether criminal or non-criminal.

Branch III Administrative Bonds: They guarantee the fulfillment of the obligations that derive from a contract, purchase order, order or lease.

Branch IV Credit Bonds: Its function is to guarantee the payment of credit obligations authorized by law.

Branch V Trust Funds: Process through which a person transfers a good to another person.

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